What are the characteristics of inequality? According to Di Vico, it is generational

Renowned journalist and founding member of Corriere della Sera’s “La Nuvola del Lavoro” (The Work Cloud) blog, Dario Di Vico discusses inequality and the world of work, which he also dealt with in his most recent publication entitled “Nel paese dei disuguali” (In the country of the unequal [ed. Egea]).

What are the characteristics of inequality? Beginning with this question, Di Vico identifies the main aspects of it and suggests solutions that may help young people. The journalist focuses his attention on these aspects and the way they relate to technology.

“For the most part, inequality in Italy is characterised by the exclusion of young people from the world of work. Compared to other countries, this is very significant” explains Di Vico, highlighting how the lack of young people participating in the labour force is a highly discriminatory factor that leads to generational inequality.

As well as high levels of youth unemployment, another aspect afflicting the labour market and Italian companies, particularly those in the mechanical engineering sector, is skills mismatch, i.e. the difficulty in finding workers with skills that satisfy the actual needs of a company. HTIs (Higher Technical Institutes) are identified as a solution that can help to bridge the gap between skills required and skills that young people already possess. However, the journalist also mentions that these are rarely used in our country.

Convinced that technology is not the cause of modern-day unemployment, Di Vico concludes the video interview with some advice for new generations, recommending that they pay special attention to their studies and find the right balance between their personal leanings and the current situation of the labour market.

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