The Adecco Group Italia CEO, Andrea Malacrida: The employability value and Dignity Decree difficulties

The key concept for the labour market, now and in the future, is that it is no longer about employment but employability. Constant training and checking of your skills are the starting point for entry into the professional market – focusing on the skills to be acquired and developed. The Adecco Group Italia Country Manager, Andrea Malacrida, addressed this issue after his speech at the "Feed Your Future” panel. The panel was part of the Linkiesta Festival conference, which took place in Milan on 8/9 November 2019.

A year after the Dignity Decree’s introduction, Malacrida gave his reasons for his negative opinion on the law describing it as a “measure that has exacerbated market rigidity during an economic slowdown.” The law requires a company training period which cannot exceed 12 months. This leads companies to accelerate recruitment prematurely, or replace resources at the end of the period, and has obvious negative repercussions on workers”.

The Adecco Group leader has a negative opinion on the citizen’s income, which he thinks is a flop. “It was clearly designed by non-experts. Its focus was only on people’s financial support and did nothing to help them enter or re-enter the labour market” he said.

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