Riccardo Luna: switch off your phone and dream the future

“In the world there has never been as much employment. We are experiencing record highs in employment both in the United States and Europe, and even in Italy there has been a recovery.” Riccardo Luna, journalist and expert of the digital world, is positive when talking about employment and the future.

“Occupation is divided in two” he continues. “There are few jobs that are highly payed and many jobs that are poorly payed”. His advice to be competitive in the world of employment is therefore to remain human, to focus on the skills you need to code, to plan, to be creative.

There is a danger, though, in the new technologies, which is to loose the sense of the future. “Today the true defect that I find in the Internet is the lack of planning”, Luna continues. “Today we live submersed in notifications, we continue to bounce from one notification to another, in a continuous present. “In this way we stop thinking and if we stop thinking, we stop dreaming. And without dreams there is no future.

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