The Equal Pay Act is vital, yet still only a first step

The gender pay gap measure was unanimously approved by the House and Senate: it now needs to be integrated to render jobs in Italy truly fair and inclusive. We interviewed Democratic Party MP Chiara Gribaudo, the first to sign this law

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The number of women lawyers is growing

The percentage of female legal professionals is increasing in a field where, 20 years ago, just 20% were women. Yet, despite a nearly 50/50 gender split between trainees, it remains the case that only men successfully climb to the upper echelons of the profession. Barbara de Muro, the lawyer in charge of the ASLA Women project, explains why we should turn things around and how to do it

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More women at work? It means more wealth for the country. And we can show you how.

In Italy, the situation has improved mainly in larger companies. Small and medium-sized companies are a bit slower. An interview with the President of Valore D, Sandra Mori

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