Want a luxury job? Tech colleges better than high schools

The luxury sector is worth around 1.2 billion Euro worldwide. In Italy, it accounts for 5% of GDP. Consumers all over the world are well aware of the quality of high-end Italian products. Yet in 5 years, there will be 50,000 vacant jobs

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Richard Sennett: New professions with a pride for craftsmanship

Cooperation, skill and a pride for things well done: this is the recipe for employability, according to the London School of Economics sociologist: The world of work should foster bonds, not break them down with resentment multipliers

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Stefano Micelli: Part humanist, part programmer – this is the craftsman of the future”

Interview with the author of Futuro Artigiano: Schools are essential: Sweden' secondary technical schools churn out 800,000 technicians per year, whereas in Italy this figure is at most 10,000. It is only by combining culture with technology that we can hope to restore substance to the world of work

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