Working Women: the less women work, the poorer Italy becomes

"We need to invest in public day-care centres, kindergartens, all-day schools. Women should not have to shoulder the whole burden of care", says Linda Laura Sabbadini, president of the Engagement Group Women 20, "March 8th is an opportunity to reaffirm the strength of women, since they keep the country on its feet"

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Italy’s budget law: what’s in store for the employment sector

The budget contains emergency measures, but also important innovations, such as the new income indemnity fund for the self-employed and the extension of expansion contracts

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The contagious narratives that change the economy (and the world)

In his book Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events , the economist and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller reveals the close connection between stories, individual behaviours and the economy

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The NEET emergency: too many young Italians are still not in education or employment

A StarNet report provides a snapshot of the situation: more than 2 million Italian youngsters are not in employment, education or training and over the past six years, the policies to help them have only gone halfway to solving the problem

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How to make university studies count towards your pension in Italy

In Italy, it is possible to convert' the years spent studying at university into pension contributions and a potentially early retirement. However, it can be quite costly here's how it works

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From Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend onward, the worldwide debate on universal income.

The candidate for the US democratic party primaries has made a proposal for the institution of a basic income of one thousand euros for each citizen, to bolster the economy and abolish inequality. The concept is not new and has already been tested in various parts of the world (including Italy). The results are, however, contradictory. Here is why.

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Job Matching, the solutions to develop the bridge between job demand and supply

In addition to the Italian citizenship income and the strengthening of the Job Centers, there are other projects being developed Europe. And many companies have also entered the sector

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Andrew Yang, the American multimillionaire with a mission: to get the United States ready to live with robots

Aspiring democratic candidate for the presidential elections in 2020, Yang foresees a dystopian future for Americans in connection with growth in automation. But he does not just play on fear: he also proposes solutions

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