InPa, how public administration’s new Linkedin works

The InPa can be used to participate in tender procedures in the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan and also ordinary public procurement processes. An innovative tool developed with the contribution of Almaviva and LinkedIn

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Not just social networks and TV series: a reading Italy is growing

Italians are buying books again. The statistics are full of surprises: fewer new hardcopy products are appearing on the market, yet overall demand is growing steadily

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The new careers in publishing, between crisis and revival

Readership in Italy increased by 3% during the pandemic, partially driven by digital media, yet this was not enough to decree the end of a decade-long publishing crisis. Publisher Joshua Volpara shares with PHYD what is changing in this sector and how we should imagine its future.

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Freeda, pop feminism has become an editorial success

It has been called the media phenomenon of 2017. This is what is behind the stories and social networking of this colourful startup with the goal of filling the gap in the market of women's information of the millennial generation.

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