Post-pandemic tourism is set to emerge transformational

The travel industry is among the sectors under the most pressure to change business models. How? By examining the changing profile of the 'typical tourist'. Insight by Greg Richards, global guru of creative and transformational tourism

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Travel designer, the tailor making your holiday

Curiosity, organisation skills, flexibility, local knowledge and a gift for storytelling: these are the skills of the trade. Then, today more than ever, explains Pierpaolo Di Nardo, a pioneer in the sector, you also have to be a bit of a psychologist with your clients.

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Gap Year? The flexible year that can change your life

Taking a gap year is the best thing that kids can choose to do after high school: it guarantees a step up when the time comes to enter the job market. All your you need to know in 5 questions and answers

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Brian Chesky, I design the future I want to live in

At the young age of 27, he launched Airbnb, challenging the cliché never to trust strangers, and winning the title of "dad" of sharing economy. What about the future of work and of the company? It all comes down to trusting others

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