The resurgent sharing economy is running in step with the green transition

At the onset of the pandemic, it was widely believed that the sharing economy would collapse for good. However, this proved to be wrong: the ecological dimension of car sharing, car pooling, fashion sharing and other similar practices is driving these markets

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Riders, the ongoing debate about delivery workers in the wake of the Covid-19 emergency

They were among those essential workers who were still active during the lockdown. In Italy, for several years now their fate has been decided in the Courts, but the 2019 Salva Imprese' decree is seeking to bring order. Many answers are still needed, and the first is about their safety.

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The future of the sharing economy (if it has one)

Airbnb, Uber, WeWork & the largest companies in the sharing economy have been badly hit by Covid-19. Has the sharing economy reached the end of the line? We asked Marta Mainieri, founder of and curator of Sharitaly

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Between sharing economy and environmental protection, rural tourism is growing online

Room and board in exchange for a few hours of daily farm work. This is not a passing fad for alternative travellers, but a trend that each year, thanks to the economic crisis and a greater awareness towards the environment, is garnering increasing numbers of participants. The Wwoofing phenomenon

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Beyond Fridays for Future: how sustainable development involves schools

The protocol between the Ministry of Education and Asvis focuses on the dissemination and understanding among students and teachers of the UN's 2030 Agenda topics, promoting projects and competitions in all educational levels. After the first edition was started in 2016, it has now been renewed for another three years

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Conscious consumption is growing in Italy. But labels don’t always provide a clear picture

What am I buying ? This is a question that consumers are increasingly asking. And companies (if they want to be successful) have to do their part to help them respond in the right way

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Public Administration: Learning to be Sustainable

The very first public-sector sustainability manager course is under way. Leading the course is ex-minister and president of Istat Enrico Giovannini, current spokesperson for the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development: The way that the public system works needs to change .

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