The ten best apps for schools and universities

Some teachers have used them in class in an attempt to bring innovation to lessons, although in most cases they are not allowed during school hours. The fact is that smartphones are now as useful for students as notebooks and pens. Why not use them to improve their life, to better organize time for study, collect and share notes, train memory and even… find work?

Yes, thanks to these applications, today you can access a number of extremely useful functions, for students both in high school and university at little to no cost. And some have been launched by Italian developers.

Here are ten of the most useful.

  1. WeStudents: a real digital diary, but also an app that allows you to communicate with the school and classmates from a single platform. On WeStudents you can upload your grades, answer surveys, read newsletters and stay up to date on everything that happens in school. Founded by three Italian students to make up for on the one hand, the difficulty in communicating among students themselves, and on the other to remedy the inadequacy and obsolescence of the tools made available by schools to display grades, homework and lesson topics, the platform promises to pull the education sector “out of the ice age”, making the learning path of students more efficient through the potential offered by the digital world.
  2. YoUni: The result of a focus on startups, with Unicalab, a dedicated training and contamination project (and which has also made it the only southern university in the national top ten for number of spin off companies) by the University of Calabria, Italy, YoUni is a useful reporting app for students of the same community, and it aims to facilitate the lives of young people in universities.
  3. Uniwhere: its founders (also Italian) have called it the “older brother” of students. This is because it dispenses useful information, good advice and, above all, is able to direct towards future of studies and work. How many kids are still undecided on what path to take after school or university? With Uniwhere you can identify the most suitable path of study based on your own aptitudes and you can also search the most suitable work environment, knowing what skills are required by each company. A nice advantage for those who are still unsure and want to make the most of themselves.
  4. Smart Diary: If there is one thing a student will never forget it’s their smartphone. Why not manage the complete school diary directly on your device then? This is the idea behind Smart Diary, a unique app that allows you to digitally manage tasks, queries, checks and notes, but also absences, delays and outputs. In addition, thanks to the organizer you can manage the time dedicated to the various commitments, associate a different color with each subject, manage the number of remaining excuse notes and add the hours of the lessons.
  5. Notes: In need of summaries and diagrams to better memorize lessons?’s notes will soon become your Bible: more than 100,000 items of content with two versions, themes, thesis, handouts and exercises, uploaded directly by students on the platform and approved by qualified tutors, that allow you to quickly acquire the information you need, optimizing learning. Italian, English, Latin, Greek, History, Science, Economics, Art History, Law, Medicine, Psychology, Engineering, Mathematics, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy, Grammar and Biology are among the subjects available: a real digital library.
  6. Easy Study – Organizer: An app designed for those who fear that they will not be able to keep up with studying and need help to rationalize the time dedicated to each subject. EasyStudy allows you to create a study program (and therefore, to build a routine) in a few steps. Just enter the subjects and decide how many of these you need to focus on for each day of the week. Automatically the application will generate a detailed program to optimize the time needed, without leaving any topic behind.
  7. Notes Plus: An elementary app, but fundamental to the life of any student: very useful for taking notes, it allows you to write and even record.
  8. Citationsy: Writing a bibliography? It's never been easier with this app. APA, Harvard and all possible styles of quotes (from books, websites, scientific articles, but also podcasts and music) become easy and automatic. For books, for example, simply frame the barcode with your camera to generate the bibliography reference automatically within the app. And you can also manage multiple projects at the same time.
  9. Elevate: Success at school or university is much easier if you have a trained mind. Thanks to the apps, today you can challenge yourselfe even by playing. Elevate offers clear and simple content between games and quizzes to stimulate memory, concentration, logic and understanding. In addition, you can choose to improve your record and keep an eye on your daily progress.
  10. Quizlet: Using flashcards and a playful and fun approach will be your best allies in language learning. Just add every new word you come into contact with to the app, and memorizing it will be a breeze, thanks to several sets of “flashcards” useful to stimulate photographic memory. Periodically you can take quizzes to test your level of knowledge and you can test yourself with millions of cards loaded by other students.
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