How to become a web developer and find a job

«100% of those who attended our lessons have a job today». Fabio Forghieri, founder of the startup Boolean.Careers, tells us the story of the first platform of online lessons to become web developers. «Working for several digital companies, I realized that I was struggling to find good developers», Fabio, a computer engineer, says. «Web programming isn’t taught anywhere, in technical institutes or in high schools, and in the same computer engineering degree courses 3-4 out of 50 are hired. At the same time it’s a very in demand job: companies are recruiting, but can’t find enough employees».

What do you need to do, then, to become a web developer? Let's start with the definitions: a web developer or programmer is someone who deals with designing and developing web applications, through the use of different languages, to create websites. They must therefore be able to use the different codes and languages, from HTML to Java, and to know how the platforms work. If a web designer is dealing with the "aesthetic side" of the site, a web developer is the one who is behind the scenes and has to make sure that the site works well on the software side and that it is secure. They therefore need technical skills, which must be constantly updated to keep up with the latest happenings on the web.

In reality, there is no single path to becoming a web developer. There is no specific university course, but there are several specific paid courses, such as Boolean, or even free platforms to consult. What’s certain is that you don't need a degree to become a web developer. The backgrounds of those who make this work are the most diverse.

The process is both theoretical and practical. It takes a lot of experience in the field, but also a lot of knowledge. The Boolean lessons, for example, are both face-to-face and practical, and include large practice sessions. In general, however, working alongside a competent person allows you to learn techniques and solutions in the field that are unlikely to be in books. One rule, however, that applies to everyone: mastering the English language is one of the essential requirements, since many manuals and literature on the topic are in English.

According to UnionCamere, web programmer are in the top 20 jobs with the highest growth rate for the future, one of the most in demand jobs in the coming years

Web developers today are probably some of the most sought after professionals in the job market. And the need, with the evolution and ever growing central role of digital in the public and private sectors, is destined to grow. The paradox, however, is that these professional figures are hard to find. According to UnionCamere, the programmer – “Full Stack Web Developers” – is among the top 20 professional figure with the highest growth rate for the future, one of the most in demand jobs in the coming years. Just look at job postings on web sites to see just how much companies are recruiting these professionals. If you have a strong inclination towards information technology, then it’s worth trying it yourself.

One thing to remember is that specific soft skills are also needed, starting from the ability to have a work method with a hierarchy of priorities. Depending on the complexity of the project, you can work independently or in a team of programmers and other experienced web professionals. Knowing how to work in a group, be flexible and manage stress, therefore, become important requirements. In addition to a good amount of problem solving skills: that’s just how it works on the web.

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