Dear young men and women, be ready to put yourself to the test and create your own job.

The clash between technology and humanity is imminent. What moral values are we ready to defend before the meaning of “being human” changes forever? How can we embrace technology without becoming technology ourselves? These are the themes at the heart of the book “Technology vs. Humanity. The coming clash between man and the machine” (2016 The Futures Agency), written by Gerd Leonhard, world-renowned German futurist.

In this interview, Leonhard tells us what impact technology will have on the labour market in the next 20-30 years. First of all, there will be 9 billion people connected to the Internet. The Internet will be all over the place and this will certainly influence the world we work in. Technology will be in charge of all jobs involving a routine, that is, a precise and repeated sequence of actions. And 70% of future jobs, today, don't exist yet…

A word of advice to the youngest? “Try to have a lot of imagination, invent your own job, put yourself to the test and take risks. I know this scares you a lot, but it is actually a great opportunity.”

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