Don’t ever get tired of learning, says Alain Dehaze

"The time when you would study, find a job work and then retire, is over." These are the words of Alain Dehaze, CEO of The Adecco Group.

Today, in a job market so flexible and dominated by technology, to be able to work you must never stop learning; on the contrary, you should learn throughout your life.

And so, as the future becomes nearer, it will be ever more essential to continue to acquire new skills. We will have to work and at the same time study to update ourselves, or alternatively we might choose to interrupt our career for a period of study to then come back more prepared to the labor market.

Dehaze has three tips for young people. "First of all, dream and dream big! Secondly, be bold. And finally, be curious: because those who are curious learn and those who learn work”.

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