Massimo Temporelli, FabLab: Young people of today, study design thinking

Innovative man? From the Middle Ages through to the present day, man’s fundamental qualities remain the same: a propensity for risk, a good rapport with errors, and a propensity for thinking out of the box. In 2018, however, a further element is required, namely, the ability to approach any type of business from a digital point of view”.

So says Massimo Temporelli, President and co-founder of The FabLab, a research and development centre and shared digital manufacturing lab hosted in Milan’s Talent Garden.

Digital technology alone is not enough, because every professional should learn to approach their work from a scientific point of view. Thus, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) become the four fundamental subjects for anyone wishing to work in the future. In short, we should all become “a bit more scientific”.

So what tip would Massimo give a 20 year-old approaching the world of work for the first time? The advice is to “study design thinking”. Watch this video interview to learn why.

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