H-Farm’s Riccardo Donadon: “Technology will not make us lose jobs; it will create new and more specialised jobs”

H-Farm founder Riccardo Donadon, has a clear vision of the future labour market. Donadon said: “Everyone can find their imagination, creativity and courage to change”. We met him in the headquarters of his "platform for innovation," between Venice and Treviso in Veneto’s heart.
How will the labour market change? “The manufacturing sector is undergoing a time great transformation, Design and production methods are changing significantly.” Donadon told us what will revolutionise our lives: “augmented and virtual reality”. While this is an apparent contradiction in terms, these two concepts provide the key to the future. The relationship between technology skills and a passion for art and humanities, might appear contradictory, but he said: “It is from this union that the new technologies shall serve a beautiful country such as Italy."
Lastly, his role models: “I can give three names: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos”. To find out why, watch this video interview.


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