Happiness: a project within everyone’s reach

Being happy is no mere stroke of fate, but a tangible project that anyone can attain. There are no magic formulas, but there are methods. Sergio Sorgi and Francesca Bertè explain how to be happy people in a happy society.

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Corporate welfare programmes? They make sense when they are personalised

Standardised programmes won't work. Every scheme designed for employees should be personalised to the specific needs of each individual, maintains Matilde Marandola, director at the Italian association for people management

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Corporate Welfare, the doubling of small and medium-sized enterprises

In 2016, it was only a quarter of SMEs. Today it's almost half. The Welfare Index Report on SMEs 2019 promoted by Generali Italia sheds some light on corporate welfare.

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Business according to Claudio Domenicali: My Ducati is a community of people

We have been chatting with the CEO of the company based in Borgo Panigale, a symbol of the Italian motorcycling scene, but also a leader in corporate welfare and employee satisfaction: Ours is a large community. Our workers' family life is of crucial importance

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Smart working and corporate welfare, things are moving (even in small and medium enterprises)

Brazzale and 7Pixel provide examples on the reconciliation between life and work, and baby bonuses indicate that corporate welfare can be ensured even in Italy. The development of smart working initiatives in small companies gives rise to some hope. But we are the tail lights of the world.

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The fifty companies where we would all like to work, according to LinkedIn

Not only in Silicon Valley. Besides Tesla and Alphabet, we find sportswear by Under Armour, and the pharmaceutical firm Pfizer.

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