The fifty companies where we would all like to work, according to LinkedIn

Overall they provide employment for over 3.3 million people in the USA alone. Without counting subsidiaries, branches, field offices and individual firms located worldwide. 50 top companies have been entered in the list drawn up by LinkedIn, companies where everybody would like to work. There are basically three reasons for this: job opportunities offered, brand fame, professional expertise of employees, and wages. In other words, career, colleagues and wages. Briefly, this is what actually counts for the over 500 million users registered with the social network for professionals.

We notice at a glance that, despite the 21 sectors covered, most of the highly desired companies operate in the world of the Web. It is no mere chance that, considering the top 10, we must browse up to the 6th to find Tesla (electric vehicles), a company that does not primarily operate on the Web. Needless to say that the giants Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Facebook, Saleforce and Uber rank as the first five. Beyond the usual clichés typical of Silicon Valley, such as bikes to travel from one place to another, recreational activities and macrobiotic food, tomorrow’s nerds are drawn by opportunities. From the creation of the largest social network in the world to the future of algorithms, passing through cloud computing, e-commerce and apps for mobiles, these companies offer a place in cutting-edge innovation. And they have even thought of your dog, as proven by the pet nursery organised for employees by Jeff Bezos.

Beyond the usual clichés typical of Silicon Valley, tomorrow’s nerds are drawn by opportunities.

The list continues with all those who cannot reach the top 5. After Tesla (that has by now surpassed General Motors and Ford as major manufacturer of American street cars), we find Apple, Time Warner, Walt Disney Company and ComcastNBC Universal. And, once again, the challenges are many. Moreover, if your boss, Tim Cook, tells you, «we plan on doubling our services over the next four years», you had better instantly think of a new idea to relaunch Apple devices. The story is quite different for the giants of entertainment. Time Warner (which includes production firms of the standard of Hbo and Warner Bros) is about to be purchased by AT&T for a sum in the range of 85 billion dollars with a gift of about 50 million users of the US connectivity giant. Disney makes a box office success with every new movie on super heroes. And Comcast competes with Netflix, strengthened by a base of 25 million users who have already subscribed for the cable connection.

Outside the top 10, we see the Medals of Honour. Airbnb is rewriting the rules of hospitality, and offers its employees a coupon to be spent every four months within the circuit. Worldwide. A very similar benefit is offered by the consulting group McKinsey with a 10-week break between one project and another, with the motto, “work before pleasure”. If you are a sports enthusiast, then focus everything on Under Armour. You will have the opportunity to meet athletes of the standard of Stephen Curry and Lindsey Vonn. While those who enjoy contact with people can choose Starbucks . The company is preparing to land in Italy to expand its public that already counts over 85 million people worldwide. And every week, at the end of the shift, you can take home a pack of coffee seeds for grinding

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