The future of Pharma: people-centred technological innovation

Pharma's exponential growth in recent years entailed a surge in new jobs and an unprecedented acceleration of digitalisation. Raffaella Maderna of Lundbeck Italy gives us the lowdown on what's going on.

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How digital technology has also changed the art world in the year of the pandemic

With the imposition of lockdown and museums and exhibitions closing their doors, we have had to reinvent ourselves in this sector too. Among virtual tours and support campaigns, however, the results from trying out digital technology have been very positive, according to a report compiled on the subject in the UK

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Pietropolli Charmet: “Let’s not take our kids out of school”

Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet talks to us about how COVID-19 is affecting young people and why it is crucial for them to remain in school, pandemic notwithstanding

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Marty Walsh, former union leader and President Biden’s Labour Secretary

The Biden administration's new labour secretary, a former mayor of Boston, has an extensive record as a trade union member. He now faces the challenge of post-pandemic job recovery

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Company culture, a people-driven operating system to leverage business growth

If we are to keep pace with change and respond effectively to crises, human capital must be at the forefront. Alessandro Rimassa, a digital transformation expert, explains how to build a winning corporate culture.

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How to create emotional empathy in the social distancing era

Social distancing and working remotely have an impact on interpersonal and professional relationships. HR expert Stefania Capelli explains how to get employees involved remotely too.

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The data economy: a hidden treasure for post-Covid Italy

According to a study presented by Ernst & Young, Italy's data economy could generate revenues equivalent to around 2.8% of the country's GDP, about 50 billion euro. But during the pandemic, weaker companies have lost even more ground

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A sabbatical year, how to disconnect from work and return better than ever

A sabbatical year is an opportunity for professional development. A chance to collect your thoughts and look more closely into aspects of your life and work

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