Connected People Care. Quando i dati mettono le persone al centro

Nei prossimi mesi le direzioni HR dovranno moltiplicare gli sforzi per prendersi cura delle persone. «Maggiore diffusione di strumenti digitali e utilizzo dei dati raccolti attraverso le nuove tecnologie saranno fondamentali», sottolinea Mariano Corso, responsabile scientifico dell’Osservatorio HR Innovation Practice del Politecnico di Milano.

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Connected People Care. When data puts people first

In the next months the HR departments will have to increase their efforts to take care of people: «using digital tools and the data collected through new technologies will be fundamental». These are the words of Mariano Corso, scientific director of the HR Monitoring Centre Innovation Practice of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

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Corporate welfare programmes? They make sense when they are personalised

Standardised programmes won't work. Every scheme designed for employees should be personalised to the specific needs of each individual, maintains Matilde Marandola, director at the Italian association for people management

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Engagement and disengagement: why it is important to keep employees on your side

It is absolutely vital for companies to make their employees feel part of a positive environment. That way, they'll help you improve your brand reputation. But this does not always yield positive results

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This is how the legal profession will survive the advance of robots

Artificial intelligence risks replacing various professions, but not in the field of law. Indeed, the way in which the law is practised will undergo profound changes due to technology, but AI could actually make the job much more interesting

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