Contrordine compagni : the comeback against technophobia, according to Bentivogli

In the book Contrordine compagni. Manuale di resistenza alla tecnofobia per la riscossa del lavoro e dell'Italia (Handbook of resistance to technophobia for the rescue of work and Italy) (Rizzoli), Marco Bentivogli, who has been, since 2014, the national secretary of Fim Cisl, explains how to face the fourth industrial revolution

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The future of work: three possible scenarios according to the World Economic Forum

In view of the Davos World Economic Forum, awareness of how governments and institutions should proactively manage automation is taking centre stage. Focusing on scenarios that can be created, rather than those that can be destroyed.

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The car industry – innovation on four wheels begins in the factory

The cars of the future will be intelligent, connected, comfortable and safe, as will the manufacturing centres where they are made. From automated trolleys to management software and hand-held devices, car manufacturers are taking the wheel when it comes to industrial innovation

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In the heart of the new Lamborghini factory, a temple of Smart Manufacturing

Say goodbye to the assembly line, as we usher in the age of islands, sensors and robots - not to replace humans, but to help them work better. Report from Sant'Agata Bolognese, home to the factory of the historic Italian manufacturer, now owned by Audi, that produces the Urus SUV.

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Richard Sennett: New professions with a pride for craftsmanship

Cooperation, skill and a pride for things well done: this is the recipe for employability, according to the London School of Economics sociologist: The world of work should foster bonds, not break them down with resentment multipliers

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Technical Vocational Schools, Italian progress will pass through them

They train professionals in strategic sectors for the country's future development. And yet, they are a niche framework despite the fact that they guarantee employability for almost 80% of new graduates.

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Industry 4.0? The investors are now hiring. If Europe forms a system, it will compete with China and the USA”

Marco Taisch, one of the main Italian experts of digital manufacturing and industry 4.0, has faith in the Italian recovery, fostered also by technological innovation of companies, and he is betting on the European agreements: "We can become a system with France and Germany."

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