Understanding the Fraunhofer model for applied research in business innovation

A public institution linking 75 research organisations under an annual public/private budget of 2.8 billion: in Germany, the link between scientific research and entrepreneurial growth is both close and well-structured. And in Bolzano, Italy, a private company inspired by the German model has sprung up.

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Discovering Human Technopole, Italy’s new hub for medical innovation

A hub and seven research centres for the fight against cancer and neurodegenerative diseases: in the former Expo area, a scientific center among the most advanced in Europe is being created. It will be open to everyone and will work with universities and hospitals

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Christian Cipriani: Italian researchers are among the best. But we don’t know how to do business

An interview with the Director of the Biorobotics Institute at the Sant'Anna School in Pisa: Funds are low, competition is high and the environment around us is too conservative. Research in Italy needs a shake up

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Trend hunters: this is how companies research what is on the public’s mind

How can we gain an understanding of which cultural trends are happening in the world right now? And what will be tomorrow's big thing? This book describes to us the trend hunter's toolkit

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Alessandra Stella, the Scientist Manager: “Let the girls manage science. You will be amazed

The Scientific Director of the PTP Science Park in Lodi is one of the few women at the helm of an Italian scientific organization: We're equals when we are at university, and then the men go into management and the women become teachers. Who is to blame? Those who don't know how to explain to girls that science is within their skills and creativity.

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