When technology becomes the best friend of people with disabilities

Especially during the last year, with the pandemic and lockdown, people have felt the need to have every possible kind of help at home. This also applies to keeping in touch with the outside world and continuing to work

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Keyword: Accessibility why architectural barriers exist even on the internet

If the Internet is a universal infrastructure it must be accessible to everyone from the visually impaired to people with epilepsy. Scano (Iwa Italia): For a decade, Italy has been at the forefront of tackling this issue, but there is still a long way to go"

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Elon Musk: “I plan the future so that I don’t get bored

From the creation of Tesla, the affordable electric car, to SpaceX, the space transportation company that aims at colonising Mars, Elon Musk has been defined the Thomas Edison of our time his objective is to revolutionise the world we live in and shape our future.

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