Ebooks and audiobooks: reading is increasingly digital

Readership increased during the pandemic year along with the emergence of diverse reading tools. The publishing industry will now need to deal with these changes, including the introduction of new professionals

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I’ll have no algorithm for a boss

According to lawyers Antonio Aloisi and Valerio De Stefano, the future of work is now decided in the area of new relationships between companies, workers and algorithms. We need a system that is focused on trust, and no longer on control.

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Money makes you happy (but not necessarily). The words of an ethical banker

Ugo Biggeri, the founder of Banca Etica and currently President of the asset management company Etica sgr has brought out a vademecum for financial survival.

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Fioramonti: Move beyond GDP to once again measure the value of the common good

Former minister Fioramonti explains the idea at the core of his book The World after GDP': To achieve economic growth, the economic system of the future will need to optimize production and consumption instead of maximizing them, as is the case today

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Books, documentaries and virtual museums: here are some tips for making the most of your free time

Even though many of us are still confined to our homes, there are plenty of things we can do. This could be the ideal time to catch up on all those things we've put off doing because we simply didn't have the time

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Psychologist Art Markman: Knowing how your brain works will help you succeed at work.

Are you sure that the job you are doing is the right one for you? The book entitled Bring your Brain to Work applies cognitive science to the workplace to help you advance your career

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The books that forecast how we will work, live and consume in 2050

Technological and scientific innovation, increased life expectancy and a growth in the world's population: what will the world look like in 2050? As we get closer to Christmas, here are a collection of readings, essays and more, to find out

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