Eroticising work and living happily

"The idea that happiness is only possible after work, in spite of work, risks being a death trap, especially for young people", explains Paolo Iacci as he talks with Umberto Galimberti, looking to answer a question that is increasingly central to our lives: can we still give meaning to existence through our career path?

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Anton Hemerijck: “We need lifelong learning to tackle skill mismatches”

Unemployment rates remain high in our country, yet many companies struggle to find the professionals they need. Just what are the causes of this misalignment? What are the possible solutions? A viewpoint from Professor Hemerjick

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Endless readings. Because we should never stop reading and learning

In the digital age, the future of the written word intersects with algorithms, augmented reality and podcasts, transforming in step with the way we learn. There is therefore only one way to ensure the future of reading: safeguarding attention against information overload

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Recognising migrant talent: an asset for our country

Tapping into the potential of refugees is not easy in Italy. Official recognition of academic qualifications is one issue. However, efforts must also be made to ensure that the right skills are trained and companies have integration processes in place.

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Smartphones and apps: ongoing education’s new tools

Apps, simulators, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Vocational training goes digital. The future in this sector, however, is still to be written, explains Franco Amicucci, author of 'Apprendere nell'infosfera' (Learning in the Infosphere)

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Emilie Wapnick: “Specialisation is not necessarily the safest option”

The Canadian writer and entrepreneur takes us on a journey to discover multipotentialites, people who have many different interests, pursuits and talents. How can we recognise them? What are their strengths and biggest challenges?

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Neuromarketing: just what it is and why you will be hearing lots more about it

A young, yet already very articulate discipline in which traditional customer experience incorporates the principles of neuroscience to identify and satisfy people's 'latent needs'. Mariano Diotto, member of the Italian Neuromarketing Association, explains: "Every communication agency will soon need to have an expert in these techniques"

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Why tomorrow’s professions will be increasingly scientific yet also more& humanistic.

Humanistic computing is still considered a 'niche' discipline, yet its breadth is pervasive. A prevailing misconception today when encouraging the acquisition of IT skills is that we only want to train technicians and programmers. Yet the real challenge lies in creating a new generation of versatile intellectuals

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China is banking on lifelong learning to lead the digital world

Xi Jinping's government faces a major challenge in the coming years in reskilling its workforce, adapting it to the challenges of automation and digitalisation. Beijing spent 56% of its global investments on education in 2019

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A vision of schools beyond DaD? Three priorities to pursue according to Minister Patrizio Bianchi

Once head of former Minister Azzolina's task force for re-opening schools, economist Bianchi is now the new Minister of Education under the Draghi government

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