Engineers and software specialists, the new jobs in the electric car industry

The electric vehicles industry is sparking off a demand for new professions and skills sets. At stake: environmental sustainability and the future success of carmakers

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The future of medicine is here: the new “doctor-engineer”

Medicine is keeping up with the times: in the future doctors will also be engineers. Here is the new degree born from the collaboration between Humanitas University and Polytechnic of Milan

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Engineering boom: Scientific subjects catching on in Italy

From 2010/2011 to 2017/2018, those enrolled on engineering courses grew by 7 thousand, accounting for 14.5% of all students registered at Italian universities. According to Donatella Sciuto (Politecnico di Milano): These degrees teach you to think independently and provide good opportunities to find a job quickly

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Christian Cipriani: Italian researchers are among the best. But we don’t know how to do business

An interview with the Director of the Biorobotics Institute at the Sant'Anna School in Pisa: Funds are low, competition is high and the environment around us is too conservative. Research in Italy needs a shake up

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Generative Design: algorithm-driven engineering and architecture

Forget paper and pencil. From now on, objects will be generated by algorithms, based on the designer's input. Buratti (Politecnico di Milano): Some schools are already experimenting with computational design

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The Green Economy? It will be the largest employer in the coming years

Engineers, mechatronics engineers, risk managers, along with installers, cooks, and construction workers: here is how environmental sustainability can create employment and generate value (not only for our health)

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