Company culture, a people-driven operating system to leverage business growth

If we are to keep pace with change and respond effectively to crises, human capital must be at the forefront. Alessandro Rimassa, a digital transformation expert, explains how to build a winning corporate culture.

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How the relationship between employers and employees will need to change in the wake of coronavirus

A new book published by Franco Angeli entitled Basta chiacchiere! Un nuovo mondo del lavoro (Enough Talk! A new world of work) identifies the key challenges that every business sector is facing in the wake of the pandemic, from agile work to the need for new models and improved labour protection. We take a closer look with Luca Solari, Professor of Organisation Theory at Milan University.

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CEO of Aboca, Mercati: Companies are living systems that generate value

Why are companies founded? The answer would appear to be simple: to generate profit'. But nowadays, explains Massimo Mercati, CEO of Aboca, that is not enough. We need to add words like responsibility', sustainability' and - above all - value'.

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Anyone for smart working? Double the number during the coronavirus outbreak

Since the Italian government issued its first decree to contain the coronavirus outbreak on February 23, the number of agile workers in the country has risen to over a million. And the number is still growing. Arianna Visentini, co-author of the book Smart Working: mai più senza' (Smart Working: never be without it), explains why smart working is a practice that should stay even after this emergency has passed.

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Sustainability and corporate responsibility: when communication turns strategic

Companies that appear to be working together to find solutions for the future of the planet consolidate their reputation and become less vulnerable. A conversation with Rossella Sobrero, the heart of the Milan Csr Show and new president of Ferpi, on the most innovative trends

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It is possible to set up a business in Africa. Here are five startup success stories from the continent

Apps that fight traffic, provide sustainable energy or help diagnose patients remotely: the technological revolution is helping poorer countries, too

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Can innovation balance the scales between risk and a collaborative system?

Technological advancement is a multifaceted matter, explains physicist Massimo Caccia. That is why it is important to compare the stakeholders and subjects involved in the main processes involved, especially now that the advance of technology is about to change lives

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And yet it moves: Digital Innovation Hubs are the cornerstone of Italy’s National Enterprise 4.0 Plan

They are the cornerstone of Italy's National Plan, and lie at the heart of the European strategy for economic innovation. Numbering 12 so far, they represent an attempt to bridge the gap between companies and universities.

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