The blue wave of European investments and the new jobs at sea

The European Green Deal is setting the stage for a post-pandemic recovery plan, with the blue economy at the heart of its investments. A growing number of the younger generation in Italy are opting for 'blue degrees' to bolster their employment opportunities.

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Engineers and software specialists, the new jobs in the electric car industry

The electric vehicles industry is sparking off a demand for new professions and skills sets. At stake: environmental sustainability and the future success of carmakers

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Isabelle Autissier: The sea taught me that GDP is not the most important thing

In 1991 at the age of 34, the French yachtswoman realised her childhood dream to sail around the world. She is the first woman to have done so.

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Post-Covid recovery: the story of Quid, the social enterprise for ethical fashion now producing face masks certified by the Italian health service

Progetto Quid is a social enterprise, an ethical fashion brand well- known for its limited edition clothing and accessory collections. Anna Fiscale, its young founder, transformed the company into one of the six producers of face masks certified by the Italian health service during the Covid-19 health emergency.

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A phenomenology of Greta Thunberg, daughter of a new generation of consumers

According to Paolo Iabichino, former creative director of Ogilvy & Mather: Today companies look to sustainability because the market demands it. And Greta is the product of this trend

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The Green Economy? It will be the largest employer in the coming years

Engineers, mechatronics engineers, risk managers, along with installers, cooks, and construction workers: here is how environmental sustainability can create employment and generate value (not only for our health)

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