Marty Walsh, former union leader and President Biden’s Labour Secretary

The Biden administration's new labour secretary, a former mayor of Boston, has an extensive record as a trade union member. He now faces the challenge of post-pandemic job recovery

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The future is on social media: five new digital jobs on the rise

Increasingly prevalent in every aspect of our lives, social networks are shaping lots of new roles: from Gif designers to TikTok managers, these are just some of the careers of the future

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Beyond a degree: soft skills will shape the future of work

Academic qualifications and hard skills will no longer be enough says the World Economic Forum. Companies require problem-solving skills, an eye for detail and a capacity for continuous learning, even without that piece of paper'

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Italy’s national skills plan: how to involve schools (and teachers)

Data show that Italy is lagging behind the rest of Europe on digital skills. The project announced by the Labour Minister Catalfo as part of the country's Recovery Plan will have a budget of 11.2 billion euro. Giovanni Biondi, President of Indire: These funds should be used properly

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Rediscovering meaningful work in a second job

More and more people are looking for motivation and purpose in a job that's different to their primary occupation. It is not just a matter of income. Why is that? We spoke with Ivana Pais, sociologist at Milan's Università Cattolica

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The NEET emergency: too many young Italians are still not in education or employment

A StarNet report provides a snapshot of the situation: more than 2 million Italian youngsters are not in employment, education or training and over the past six years, the policies to help them have only gone halfway to solving the problem

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Green jobs, Milan ranks seventh in the world

LinkedIn's latest insights on labour market trends: The number of sustainability professionals has increased by 13%. The demand for green jobs in Europe has grown 49% over the last year . And Milan ranks in the world's top ten

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