The new job opportunities created by the metaverse

Software developers, engineers and computer scientists will be leading the first phase of creating a virtual reality for avatars. But eventually a detailed world will have to be created, and this will only be possible with architects, designers, mathematicians and many other professional profiles.

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The new careers in publishing, between crisis and revival

Readership in Italy increased by 3% during the pandemic, partially driven by digital media, yet this was not enough to decree the end of a decade-long publishing crisis. Publisher Joshua Volpara shares with PHYD what is changing in this sector and how we should imagine its future.

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Data Science, the future is in the data

For over a decade, data have become not only the subject of study, but also the source of considerable economic activity. This is the scenario spawning the rise of Data Science: the science of data. Luca Malinverno and Franco Pigoli explain why it should be regarded as the key discipline of the future.

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The professions of today and tomorrow: environmental lawyers

A figure that only surfaced over the past decade. This career calls for rigorous studies, a continuous training programme and a passion for all environmental issues.

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Community organisers: what these new civic activists do and how they do it

Europe is also witnesses an emergence of a civic 'organiser', a role whose sole raison d'être is to empower communities. There is a growing demand for this profession, especially among organisations with extensive local impact.

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