Robert Wade: “Artificial intelligence is developing medium-level jobs, jobs on which politics should focus”

The London School of Economics professor gives his take on labor policies in Europe and advises young people on how to build their own future

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Big corporations? They are now political actors

In his latest book, The Political Power of Global Corporations, John Mikler, professor of international relations at the University of Sydney, investigates the political turnaround of large multinationals. We met him.

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Less politics and less inequality: the European challenges to create better jobs

Joan R. Rosés (London School of Economics and Political Science): Digital economy and technological innovation are concentrated in a few areas. This is the problem we need to solve

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Italian universities are becoming ever minor and more exclusive – save them

Funds are reduced, there are fewer lecturers and students: here is Professor Gianfranco Viesti's suggestion to change higher education in Italy and place guarantees on the right to study

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Stiglitz: “Inequality? The result of our choices and political and economic actions. But we can reverse our direction.”

The Nobel Prize for Economics winner Joseph Stiglitz reflects about the inequalities that impact society and the role of technology and training in overturning the rules of the game.

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Learning on-the-job, 10 thousand pioneers of the new apprenticeships

Three hundred professional training centres are experimenting with the dual system for the first time in Italy. The outcome was positive, and so now its time to stabilise the situation.

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Do New Technologies Cause Unemployment? Not really. Training is the key

The Director of the OCSE Department of Labour and Social Policies has no doubts: "Automation will not create unemployment. The only way to limit the polarizing effect between workers and high and low qualifications will be continuous training."

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Stiglitz: Unemployment is not a fate”

A conversation with the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics: We have to rewrite market rules. Today, the system guarantees the accumulation of financial wealth, and discourages investment in the real economy

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