The success of positive psychology, from universities to companies

“Psychology and the Good Life”, taught by Laurie Santos at Yale, has become the most popular course in the history of the prestigious American university. Yet there is no shortage of examples in Italy as well

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How universities teach the green evolution in the world of work

O-Fire (the observatory for impact finance and its economic implications) is the scientific centre of the Bicocca University of Milan that monitors the state of green finance, sustainable and responsible investments and corporate ESG criteria compliance.

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Talkin Pills, an Instagram page all about the world of work

Conceived in the midst of a lockdown, this project has already emerged as a compass for so many young people who, once out of university, may find it difficult to find their way around. A brand that shines with a straightforward, poignant style

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University classroom doors opening with marking apps and flexible lectures

September in Italy will see Italian universities reopening lecture halls with special safety measures, though students may also opt to continue attending lectures remotely.

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University studies now include artificial intelligence as a subject

A new degree course is set to begin in Pavia and Milan. Goal: educate future AI specialists via a multi-faceted educational and interdisciplinary approach. Discussion with Giampaolo Azzoni, vice rector of Pavia University

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Anna Odone, the youngest lecturer in Italy who is combating Covid through cartoons

She is 35 years' old and a tenured professor of hygiene at the University of Pavia. But she is also a mother, and during the lockdown she launched an animated cartoon, Leo e Giulia: Noi come voi! [Leo and Julia: like me, like you!] to explain the pandemic to children. Face to face with Anna Odone

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Going beyond a degree: skills are acquiring ever-growing importance when it comes to finding a job

With its "Google certificates", Big G has launched a new training model where skills matter above all, not so much the degree someone has. And it isn't the only one adopting this view. Has the time actually come for us to bid farewell to dear old universities? We discussed this point with two experts

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