The future of Pharma: people-centred technological innovation

Pharma's exponential growth in recent years entailed a surge in new jobs and an unprecedented acceleration of digitalisation. Raffaella Maderna of Lundbeck Italy gives us the lowdown on what's going on.

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China is banking on lifelong learning to lead the digital world

Xi Jinping's government faces a major challenge in the coming years in reskilling its workforce, adapting it to the challenges of automation and digitalisation. Beijing spent 56% of its global investments on education in 2019

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Build Back Better : Joe Biden’s plan for economic and jobs recovery in the United States

Combating the pandemic, and policies for the green transition and women: the US president-elect has presented a detailed plan for launching recovery in the United States, starting with jobs (with equality in mind)

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Women and work, the outlook for 2021: five directions for a new career

Working women bore the main burden of the pandemic and consequent lockdown. Will things be the same next year too? Not for all and not necessarily. In some spheres, women hold the winning hand when it comes to jobs

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Gender parity: here’s how to accelerate change

According to the World Economic Forum, global gender parity will not be attained for another 99.5 years. To address this, the organisation has launched accelerators' in a number of countries, public-private solutions to bring about change. Italy would also need one

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How can Italy make improvements for women and work?

Italy has hit record levels when it comes to women in employment, yet they are still the lowest in Europe. There is a lack of services, especially nurseries. And there is a need for a system that divides childcare responsibilities equally between the parents

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Robots and technical schools, missing factors in the Theory of the Lower Class

Raffaele Alberto Ventura's book proposes an original approach to the generational issue of today's young adults aged 20-30 years. But it lacks insight into the future. Especially, regarding changes that could be wrought by the advent of new artificial intelligence technologies.

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What do we mean when we say Artificial Intelligence?

In Silicon Valley, there is no field in which investments are greater. And the frontier of deep learning, a possibility for machines to learn autonomously, tends to make futurologists very nervous. But some people think we won't have anything to worry about.

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