The success of positive psychology, from universities to companies

“Psychology and the Good Life”, taught by Laurie Santos at Yale, has become the most popular course in the history of the prestigious American university. Yet there is no shortage of examples in Italy as well

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Understanding the Fraunhofer model for applied research in business innovation

A public institution linking 75 research organisations under an annual public/private budget of 2.8 billion: in Germany, the link between scientific research and entrepreneurial growth is both close and well-structured. And in Bolzano, Italy, a private company inspired by the German model has sprung up.

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One in two Italians will stop buying a brand if disappointed by its behaviour

The Civic Brands Observatory survey examines the "say-do gap": "A company's civic engagement has a distinct economic impact now that 'social behaviour' has emerged as a compelling purchasing driver", points out the research institute's co-founder Paolo Iabichino.

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The future of Pharma: people-centred technological innovation

Pharma's exponential growth in recent years entailed a surge in new jobs and an unprecedented acceleration of digitalisation. Raffaella Maderna of Lundbeck Italy gives us the lowdown on what's going on.

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Strategic narrative: companies seeking meaning

While competition used to be about quality and price, storytelling has emerged as the new battlefield: in a world in which infinite choices are available within a few clicks, meaning making is a new competitive frontier

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When technology becomes the best friend of people with disabilities

Especially during the last year, with the pandemic and lockdown, people have felt the need to have every possible kind of help at home. This also applies to keeping in touch with the outside world and continuing to work

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The long restaurant supply chain struggling with the pandemic

We're not just talking about chefs, managers and waiters. But also about suppliers, cleaners, florists, social media managers and photographers. An entire sector which is seeing businesses closing down and will have to reinvent itself

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Senior citizens are a resource for the benefit of the whole of society and not just for the world of work

According to the European Commission, one worker in two will be aged over 65 in 2070. Hence the need to focus on active ageing both inside and outside companies. "It's important to protect them, as we would lose a great deal without them," says Giovanni Lamura, director of INRCA

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