The professions of today and tomorrow: environmental lawyers

A figure that only surfaced over the past decade. This career calls for rigorous studies, a continuous training programme and a passion for all environmental issues.

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Changing workplaces and the role of the designer

How have workplaces changed over time and how has the pandemic made these changes permanent? What skills are required to design the workspaces of the future? All this is revealed to us by designer director Mattia Gambardella.

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Five books to help us understand the post-Covid world

From jobs to the environment, from the economy to psychology by way of philosophical reflections, the pandemic has accelerated some phenomena and curtailed others. Recent publications offer an abundance of writings, essays and insights on the current moment and on the repercussions we can expect in the future.

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Folador: The perfect company? You’ll find it in the integral economy

As the Professor of Business Ethics and sustainable development explains: This approach lays the foundations for a better balance in the growth of companies, society and the environment, offering strategic tools and successful, new business practices

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Green jobs, Milan ranks seventh in the world

LinkedIn's latest insights on labour market trends: The number of sustainability professionals has increased by 13%. The demand for green jobs in Europe has grown 49% over the last year . And Milan ranks in the world's top ten

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It’s happened – this year environmental education enters Italian classrooms

It will educate youngsters on the importance of separate waste collection, clean energy and the right way to manage resources efficiently

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Isabelle Autissier: The sea taught me that GDP is not the most important thing

In 1991 at the age of 34, the French yachtswoman realised her childhood dream to sail around the world. She is the first woman to have done so.

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Sustainability – what can we do? We spoke to Federico Brocchieri, Italy’s representative at the Youth Climate Summit

We need to take collective responsibility - internationally, locally and as individuals. We spoke to this young climate expert during the Linkiesta Festival

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