Eroticising work and living happily

"The idea that happiness is only possible after work, in spite of work, risks being a death trap, especially for young people", explains Paolo Iacci as he talks with Umberto Galimberti, looking to answer a question that is increasingly central to our lives: can we still give meaning to existence through our career path?

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Future cities, creative cities: Turin as a bellwether in urban design

UNESCO's Creative Cities Network in Italy is harnessing design, art and digital technology to redesign a post-pandemic world within culture: they are driven by the example of Piedmont's capital city, which is using design tools for its own social planning

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Linda Scott: “Women, join each other and fight for gender equality”

Linda Scott, Emeritus DP World Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oxford University, talks about the importance of gender equality, and what women can do in order to achieve it.

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Design and the future of work: the necessary skills

The design sector has undergone a transformation in hardly more than a year. Training should embrace this change by better preparing tomorrow's professionals. Which skills should we target? Narrating the present with an eye towards the future at the PHYD and Fuori Salone event.

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Happiness: a project within everyone’s reach

Being happy is no mere stroke of fate, but a tangible project that anyone can attain. There are no magic formulas, but there are methods. Sergio Sorgi and Francesca Bertè explain how to be happy people in a happy society.

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The future of Pharma: people-centred technological innovation

Pharma's exponential growth in recent years entailed a surge in new jobs and an unprecedented acceleration of digitalisation. Raffaella Maderna of Lundbeck Italy gives us the lowdown on what's going on.

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Imperatives on post-COVID-19 reskilling

A McKinsey study on eight different countries reveals a post-pandemic labour market primed to change even faster than expected. By 2030, as many as 100 million workers will need to find a different occupation, acquiring new and more sophisticated skills to remain relevant on the market

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From smart working to soft skills: a new vocabulary for a changing workplace

These pandemic-pervading months revolutionised the lexicon of work, coining new terms and affording novel nuances to some words. Here are ten words that will leave their mark on the present and the future.

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