Vittadini: “Character skills are the future direction in the workplace”

The "characteristics of a person relating to the emotional and psycho-social sphere" are becoming increasingly vital in the complex society we currently live in. This is explained by the president of the Foundation for Subsidiarity, who is joint editor of an important publication on this topic.

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Sandro Marenco: “how social media have become an educational tool”

Known as Italy's best-loved 'social prof'. His Instagram and Tik Tok profiles have won over thousands of students in just a few months, demonstrating how social networks can be valuable allies for education and valid channels for building a new model for digital schools

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Endless readings. Because we should never stop reading and learning

In the digital age, the future of the written word intersects with algorithms, augmented reality and podcasts, transforming in step with the way we learn. There is therefore only one way to ensure the future of reading: safeguarding attention against information overload

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The teaching profession: post-pandemic skills in demand

The health emergency has also revolutionised the world of education, throwing up challenges that are not easy to deal with, yet at the same time opening up new, unprecedented opportunities. Even the skills expected of teachers today appear to differ to some extent from the past. Here are the essential ones

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Italy forging a Green Schools Programme with “ReGeneration School”

Minister Patrizio Bianchi outlined the course, designed within the framework to implement the UN's 2030 Agenda, aiming to guide young people towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Lancini: “Digital is the key to educating today’s students and tomorrow’s workers”

The president of Minotauro in Milan and professor of psychology at the Milano-Bicocca University explains that "the new challenge for education is digital education, finally taking its first steps towards a school model".

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Learning statistics at school to understand reality

Communication director Serenella Ravioli explains how Istat believes very strongly in the "Permanent Census in the Classroom" project to bring a culture of statistics closer to our younger generations"

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China is banking on lifelong learning to lead the digital world

Xi Jinping's government faces a major challenge in the coming years in reskilling its workforce, adapting it to the challenges of automation and digitalisation. Beijing spent 56% of its global investments on education in 2019

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A vision of schools beyond DaD? Three priorities to pursue according to Minister Patrizio Bianchi

Once head of former Minister Azzolina's task force for re-opening schools, economist Bianchi is now the new Minister of Education under the Draghi government

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Pietropolli Charmet: “Let’s not take our kids out of school”

Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet talks to us about how COVID-19 is affecting young people and why it is crucial for them to remain in school, pandemic notwithstanding

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