Becoming entrepreneurs at school? Sure, you can. Daniele Manni, winner of the Global Teacher Award, tells us how

For 15 years this former entrepreneur has been bringing to school his philosophy of "Learning (entrepreneurship) by doing (start-ups)", combining computer science and entrepreneurship. "I say to my kids: is it cooler to use a social network or a video game, or create one?"

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Education: from online provision by force to online provision “through choice”

Paolo Landri, senior researcher at the CNR-IRPPS (National Research Council at the Institute of Research on Population and Social Policies), explains how an informed choice is required in terms of using technology-based tools which are more suitable to educational requirements, without necessarily accepting platforms that are more widely available on the market, which have been created for professionals in the field and not for schools.

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Covid means testing times for culture: rethinking jobs and know-how

A three-way' interview with Giacomo Poretti, actor and founder of the Oscar theatre in Milan; Davide Milani, president of the Ente dello Spettacolo foundation, and Andrée Ruth Shammah, director of the Franco Parenti theatre in Milan

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Beyond a degree: soft skills will shape the future of work

Academic qualifications and hard skills will no longer be enough says the World Economic Forum. Companies require problem-solving skills, an eye for detail and a capacity for continuous learning, even without that piece of paper'

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Carlo Mazzone: the Italian teacher in the running to be the best in the world – who he is, what he has to say and how he thinks

Born in Benevento, he is one of the top 10 finalists for the prestigious Global Teacher Prize. He is the first Italian ever to be shortlisted from among 12,000 candidates from more than 140 countries

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Italy’s national skills plan: how to involve schools (and teachers)

Data show that Italy is lagging behind the rest of Europe on digital skills. The project announced by the Labour Minister Catalfo as part of the country's Recovery Plan will have a budget of 11.2 billion euro. Giovanni Biondi, President of Indire: These funds should be used properly

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Sunstein: To be free, don’t content yourselves with the present

Law professor Cass R. Sunstein explains: present bias is the tendency to be satisfied with a small reward today rather than waiting for a greater reward in the future, for example by investing in ourselves and our education

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Any ideas for a new kind of school? We asked these ten masters’ of innovation

From open-air classes to partnerships with volunteer organisations. Even lessons at the bakery, the local artisan and an open house at a company. Just some of the pioneering ideas for a new way of schooling

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