Sandro Marenco: “how social media have become an educational tool”

Known as Italy's best-loved 'social prof'. His Instagram and Tik Tok profiles have won over thousands of students in just a few months, demonstrating how social networks can be valuable allies for education and valid channels for building a new model for digital schools

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Education: from online provision by force to online provision “through choice”

Paolo Landri, senior researcher at the CNR-IRPPS (National Research Council at the Institute of Research on Population and Social Policies), explains how an informed choice is required in terms of using technology-based tools which are more suitable to educational requirements, without necessarily accepting platforms that are more widely available on the market, which have been created for professionals in the field and not for schools.

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Any ideas for a new kind of school? We asked these ten masters’ of innovation

From open-air classes to partnerships with volunteer organisations. Even lessons at the bakery, the local artisan and an open house at a company. Just some of the pioneering ideas for a new way of schooling

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Social distancing, health and safety protocols and a splash of creativity: the solutions to reopen Italian schools

Some have introduced shifts and alternating attendance schedules, others will hold lessons at the museum: Italian schools have found a wide variety of ways to start the school year safely. Though many doubts remain

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It’s happened – this year environmental education enters Italian classrooms

It will educate youngsters on the importance of separate waste collection, clean energy and the right way to manage resources efficiently

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University: privacy and the digital divide spark debate on the technology used for remote exams

Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of universities. But how can cheating during written exams be prevented? The proctoring systems used in the USA are not commonly used in Italian universities. Here are some possible solutions

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Coronavirus and e-learning: all the tools for home schooling

From video channels with educational content to fully-fledged online platforms with practice tests there are many ways to keep up the training and be schooled while quarantined at home.

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Schools: after Coronavirus, nothing will be the same

Schools are closed all over Italy, 7.5 million students are staying home. The digital world, which so far has divided teachers' opinions, has quickly become the only way to keep in touch with the children and teach long distance. But what will happen after this emergency?

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