Learning about finance to cope with the Covid crisis

Having even basic financial skills could be crucial to coping with economic shocks, including the coronavirus crisis. Annamaria Lusardi, director of the EduFin Committee for financial education, explains how

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People with disabilities and the world of work: an opportunity for everyone, say managers

An AstraRicerche survey reveals that having disabled employees boosts efficiency and innovation in companies

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A dream company? One where talent is free to express itself

September 25th is World Dream Day. For the occasion, the Adecco Group has developed a survey designed to identify the characteristics of the ideal workplace, ranging from welfare to inclusion.

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L’azienda dei sogni? Un luogo in cui liberare talento

Il 25 settembre è la Giornata mondiale dei sogni. In quest'occasione The Adecco Group presenta una survey per capire quali caratteristiche dovrebbe avere il luogo di lavoro ideale, tra welfare e inclusione

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