Making the difference? It’s a challenge. Made for women

This question prompted the experience of new Ashoka Fellows Giulia Detomati (InVento) and Rosy Russo (Parole O_Stili). The two experts were selected for having suggested innovative solutions involving the younger generation

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How universities teach the green evolution in the world of work

O-Fire (the observatory for impact finance and its economic implications) is the scientific centre of the Bicocca University of Milan that monitors the state of green finance, sustainable and responsible investments and corporate ESG criteria compliance.

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Circular economy: a race among agrifood startups

A quarter of the 7,120 new companies surveyed in the sector worldwide pursue sustainability goals: sustainable consumption and production, ending hunger and inclusive and sustainable economic growth. All the figures and trends of the phenomenon

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Ecopsychology, the social benefits of psycho-cognitive wellbeing

This discipline is fast solidifying itself in many areas of training and work. A holistic approach that merges society and the individual wellbeing, proving to be a key lever in the current transition

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The resurgent sharing economy is running in step with the green transition

At the onset of the pandemic, it was widely believed that the sharing economy would collapse for good. However, this proved to be wrong: the ecological dimension of car sharing, car pooling, fashion sharing and other similar practices is driving these markets

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The professions of today and tomorrow: environmental lawyers

A figure that only surfaced over the past decade. This career calls for rigorous studies, a continuous training programme and a passion for all environmental issues.

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The new fashion professions are all about digital and sustainable

The digital revolution has given rise to figures such as e-commerce managers, digital market managers and data analysts. 3D virtual designers have also gained a foothold after the pandemic. Resellers likewise emerge as sustainability concerns take the stage

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For smart working and sustainability, cities and companies turn to mobility managers

Ministers Giovannini and Cingolani signed a decree stipulating the presence of this figure in Italian towns with over 50,000 inhabitants and companies with over 100 employees.

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Happiness: a project within everyone’s reach

Being happy is no mere stroke of fate, but a tangible project that anyone can attain. There are no magic formulas, but there are methods. Sergio Sorgi and Francesca Bertè explain how to be happy people in a happy society.

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A resilient city shaped by creativity and courage

The pandemic-accelerated urgency to embrace new lifestyles and consumption habits in the name of sustainability pins the need for concrete and innovative solutions to the very centre of the global debate. The story of an ongoing flux through several of the most significant business cases of recent years.

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