The global repercussions of a microchip in crisis, from cars to video games

A microprocessor shortage is crippling many sectors, particularly the automotive industry. The USA and Europe are now exploring ways to limit their over-dependence on the Asian market

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La crisi dei microchip e le ripercussioni mondiali, dalle auto ai videogame

La scarsità di microprocessori sta ponendo un freno a molti settori, in particolare a quello automobilistico. Ora, Stati Uniti ed Europa stanno cercando soluzioni per limitare un'eccessiva dipendenza dal mercato asiatico

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From Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend onward, the worldwide debate on universal income.

The candidate for the US democratic party primaries has made a proposal for the institution of a basic income of one thousand euros for each citizen, to bolster the economy and abolish inequality. The concept is not new and has already been tested in various parts of the world (including Italy). The results are, however, contradictory. Here is why.

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