Gender gap and competitiveness, the reason for investing in women’s employment

In the second round of "WOW – Women on Wednesday", PHYD compares the visions of Cathy La Torre, Marianna Poletti and Virginia Stagni on the future of work.

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COVID-19, how the Italian labour market is faring two years into the pandemic

Two years after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the feared boom in redundancies failed to materialise, and there are even new hires, though mostly part-time. Unemployment remains high, yet companies are unable to find the workers they are looking for. Francesco Seghezzi explains a shifting scenario and what the prospects are for the future

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One needs to be a bit of a philosopher to do a good job: in the words of Tlon

Applying the methods of ancient and contemporary thinkers can help us get through difficult times and even find our own vocation. "We live in a society that pays little attention to the inner self", explains Maura Gancitano, who, together with Andrea Colamedici, founded the philosophical school Tlon. However, there are ways of getting to know oneself better and understanding the right path for everyone.

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Women and work: new welfare instruments beyond maternity leave

A statutory leave is insufficient for women workers seeking a smooth return to work after childbirth. Companies are thus incorporating innovative instruments: from the Sanofi case to employers rewarded by women

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Work in the eyes of cinema. From ‘The Good Boss’ to Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’

Cinematography and cinema forums often examine our working world, for instance in the film 'The Good Boss' starring Javier Bardem. The article analyses some of the world's best-known films on work, from Charlie Chaplin's historic Modern Times (1936) to Ken Loach's Sorry, We Missed You (2019) and Paolo Virzì's Your Whole Life Ahead of You (2008).

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Construction of the future: a changing sector between new professions and training

After a decade of crisis, the profession is evolving. There is a need for new professionals linked to the digital world and the circular economy to ensure the ecological transition of the sector.

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InPa, how public administration’s new Linkedin works

The InPa can be used to participate in tender procedures in the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan and also ordinary public procurement processes. An innovative tool developed with the contribution of Almaviva and LinkedIn

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Vittadini: “Character skills are the future direction in the workplace”

The "characteristics of a person relating to the emotional and psycho-social sphere" are becoming increasingly vital in the complex society we currently live in. This is explained by the president of the Foundation for Subsidiarity, who is joint editor of an important publication on this topic.

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The Equal Pay Act is vital, yet still only a first step

The gender pay gap measure was unanimously approved by the House and Senate: it now needs to be integrated to render jobs in Italy truly fair and inclusive. We interviewed Democratic Party MP Chiara Gribaudo, the first to sign this law

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From skills to active policies: what the plan needs for success

Morning Future attended Linkiesta Festival 2021 as Media Partner to take part in the talks by Luigi Marattin, Chiara Gribaudo, Roberto Benaglia and Andrea Malacrida on employment prospects linked to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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