Working Women: the less women work, the poorer Italy becomes

"We need to invest in public day-care centres, kindergartens, all-day schools. Women should not have to shoulder the whole burden of care", says Linda Laura Sabbadini, president of the Engagement Group Women 20, "March 8th is an opportunity to reaffirm the strength of women, since they keep the country on its feet"

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Gender equality and female entrepreneurs: here are ten to keep an eye on

In this Covid age will there be a new female philosophy to tackle the challenges the future brings? If you think the answer is no', then the portraits of these female leaders in industry and innovation from across the world will make you change your mind.

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Lo dicono i dati: più donne nei cda, migliori performance aziendali

L'ultimo Quaderno della finanza Boardroom gender diversity and performance of listed companies in Italy , pubblicato da Consob, per la prima volta realizza un'analisi complessa, con modelli economici dinamici, dell'impatto della presenza femminile nei board aziendali

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The data says it all: the more women on a board of directors, the better the company’s performance

CONSOB's latest financial report, Boardroom gender diversity and performance of listed companies in Italy , is the first in-depth study, using dynamic economic modelling, on the impact of having women directors on the board.

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Sandra Mori, Valore D: Più donne al lavoro? Significa più ricchezza per il Paese. E io ve lo dimostro.

In Italia la situazione è migliorata soprattutto nelle grandi aziende. In ritardo invece le medio-piccole. Intervista alla presidente di Valore D Sandra Mori

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More women at work? It means more wealth for the country. And we can show you how.

In Italy, the situation has improved mainly in larger companies. Small and medium-sized companies are a bit slower. An interview with the President of Valore D, Sandra Mori

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