Pandemia e mondo del lavoro: 8 lezioni chiave in un webinar e in un report

Come si sono mossi i Governi per proteggere il mercato del lavoro di fronte alla pandemia? Quali policy sono risultate efficaci per contrastare la crisi economica e occupazionale? (...)

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A vision of schools beyond DaD? Three priorities to pursue according to Minister Patrizio Bianchi

Once head of former Minister Azzolina's task force for re-opening schools, economist Bianchi is now the new Minister of Education under the Draghi government

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Working Women: the less women work, the poorer Italy becomes

"We need to invest in public day-care centres, kindergartens, all-day schools. Women should not have to shoulder the whole burden of care", says Linda Laura Sabbadini, president of the Engagement Group Women 20, "March 8th is an opportunity to reaffirm the strength of women, since they keep the country on its feet"

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Italy’s budget law: what’s in store for the employment sector

The budget contains emergency measures, but also important innovations, such as the new income indemnity fund for the self-employed and the extension of expansion contracts

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Senior citizens are a resource for the benefit of the whole of society and not just for the world of work

According to the European Commission, one worker in two will be aged over 65 in 2070. Hence the need to focus on active ageing both inside and outside companies. "It's important to protect them, as we would lose a great deal without them," says Giovanni Lamura, director of INRCA

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Smart working, companies are making their own arrangements pending a legal framework

Even when the health crisis is over, remote working will still be around. Some Italian companies were already moving in that direction before the pandemic, others are now catching up thanks to shift working and laptops. But across Europe, new regulations to manage agile working are under discussion

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Innovation, education, employment: the guidelines for Italy’s Recovery Plan

The Italian government has presented the goals to be included in its Recovery Plan, which hinges on Next Generation EU funding. The target is to increase the employment rate by ten percentage points

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