Women at the heart of global economic recovery

The Italian economy is on the mend with the latest forecasts apparently very positive: GDP growth in the second quarter of 2021 is +2.7%. This rebound, however, is missing something: women participating in the labour market, a potential of between 50 billion to 150 billion euros in terms of GDP.

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It’s not work that is lacking, it’s the right skills

The digital transformation was already changing the world of work. Then came Covid-19 and the change accelerated. The key to dealing with this revolution lies in the new skills that the market is demanding. An event organized by the Automation & Testing specialist trade fair together with the Adecco Group covered this very topic: Skills in the digital age .

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Jobs and social media 44% of recruiters reject candidates because of their digital reputation

How important are the web and social networks in a job search? The 2019 Work Trends Study highlights the role of personal branding and online reputation

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Who and what is a risk manager?

The role of risk manager is gaining an ever higher profile in the running of today's enterprises - especially in those with more advanced organisational structures, where carefully weighing up risks and investments becomes the main advantage to business success

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Psychologist Art Markman: Knowing how your brain works will help you succeed at work.

Are you sure that the job you are doing is the right one for you? The book entitled Bring your Brain to Work applies cognitive science to the workplace to help you advance your career

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The success of Made in Italy? It starts from Europe, big treaties and technology

How can Italian products be protected and exports be implemented in the era of the global market and US tariffs? The discussion at Linkiesta Festival

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Saving the planet (and salaries): the best eco trades of the future

The environmental wave is also taking over the labor market: from programmers to solar panel technicians, here are the trades that will be most in demand and well paid

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Neuromarketing: learning the code of persuasion to win the consumer over

Consumer behaviors, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and product design: this is what this branch of neuroscience studies. A constantly growing discipline, but also a chance for new digital jobs

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While the rest of the world is divided, Africa is witnessing the birth of the world’s largest free trade area

It is called the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). 54 countries, 1.2 billion people and a total GDP of 2.5 trillion dollars, this agreement will make Africa the largest free trade area on the planet

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