Maria Fossati: “I needed a bionic hand. And so I designed one.

Italian Institute of Technology scientist Maria Fossati, who has had no left forearm since birth, not only invented the prosthesis but is also the first to use it: "Now used by over 30 people worldwide"

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Brad Smith: We have to be the brains behind Artificial Intelligence

The Microsoft president has presented the new Ambizione Italia per la Scuola project, whose objective is to train 250 thousand students: It is of fundamental importance to understand the ethical, political and social impact of new technologies

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Christian Cipriani: Italian researchers are among the best. But we don’t know how to do business

An interview with the Director of the Biorobotics Institute at the Sant'Anna School in Pisa: Funds are low, competition is high and the environment around us is too conservative. Research in Italy needs a shake up

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Humanoid robots will steal only the more dangerous jobs

In Japan androids have already become a part of family life while in the USA and Europe they help workers. "But they are not a threat", assures Professor Bruno Siciliano, one of the top Italian experts in robotics

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Bioengineering is a new frontier of medicine (but robots won’t replace human doctors)

Since the year 2000, more than two million surgical operations have been carried out with the use of robotic arms. Developments in robotics applied to medicine are ongoing and will revolutionise the sector, although the intervention of humans will always be required

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Barbara Mazzolai, mother of the plantoid: Innovation means going against stereotypes

The IIT Researcher: Nobody believed in the Plantoid. Perhaps, if I had been a man, they might have taken me more seriously. The best work environment? A multi-disciplinary one

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