Design Thinking, così le aziende ridisegnano il business per la ripartenza

Dall'Università di Stanford, anche le imprese del nostro Paese cominciano ad utilizzare il Design Thinking: una metodologia che mette al centro l'uomo con i suoi bisogni e le sue necessità.

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Design Thinking; how companies redefine their business for a fresh start

From Stanford University to Italy: our companies are starting to use Design Thinking as well. A methodology that puts men at the center, focusing on his needs and necessities.

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From smart working to soft skills: a new vocabulary for a changing workplace

These pandemic-pervading months revolutionised the lexicon of work, coining new terms and affording novel nuances to some words. Here are ten words that will leave their mark on the present and the future.

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Leave, vouchers and blood tests: generous company welfare measures rewarded by Lombardy Region

From free psychological counselling to making meeting rooms available for staff's children: many companies have implemented extraordinary measures for their staff during the Covid pandemic. Companies' efforts are being recognised with the "Parità virtuosa" ["Virtuous equality"] award

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Company culture, a people-driven operating system to leverage business growth

If we are to keep pace with change and respond effectively to crises, human capital must be at the forefront. Alessandro Rimassa, a digital transformation expert, explains how to build a winning corporate culture.

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Digital know-how and innovation: how Italy’s artisans will make a comeback after the pandemic

The Lombardy branch of Confartigianato (the association serving artisans and small businesses) has found that as many as 77% of businesses have either already invested or plan to invest in digital innovation. A must-have in the wake of the pandemic and in today's world, and it has to start with training

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