Digital Advertising Manager, ecco perché è una delle figure più richieste

Sponsorizzazioni online, ma non solo. Il Digital Advertising Manager è una figura professionale chiave nel marketing. Ma quali sono le competenze richieste e le prospettive di carriera? PHYD ne parla con Amalia Fatone, Digital Advertising Manager di Witailer.

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Independent and flexible, meet our digital nomads

Adapting work to suit their lifestyle, enjoying freedom in time management, having the possibility to travel and relocating according to their needs. Digital nomadism exists for many reasons: a burgeoning trend not only among young people, indeed…

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Lancini: “Digital is the key to educating today’s students and tomorrow’s workers”

The president of Minotauro in Milan and professor of psychology at the Milano-Bicocca University explains that "the new challenge for education is digital education, finally taking its first steps towards a school model".

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