Un nuovo ciclo di eventi per osservare le trasformazioni in atto in quattro importanti industry

Al via l'edizione 2022 del ciclo "Il lavoro che verrà", durante il quale dialogheremo con opinion leader dei settori Life Science, Public Sector, Food Service e Banking.

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Talkin Pills, an Instagram page all about the world of work

Conceived in the midst of a lockdown, this project has already emerged as a compass for so many young people who, once out of university, may find it difficult to find their way around. A brand that shines with a straightforward, poignant style

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Gender gap and competitiveness, the reason for investing in women’s employment

In the second round of "WOW – Women on Wednesday", PHYD compares the visions of Cathy La Torre, Marianna Poletti and Virginia Stagni on the future of work.

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Digital Revolution: learning to live and work with robots

Human-machine collaboration is a central challenge of digitisation, especially in the labour market. Just how are we interacting with technologies today and what are the rules for a fruitful coexistence?

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Beyond a degree: soft skills will shape the future of work

Academic qualifications and hard skills will no longer be enough says the World Economic Forum. Companies require problem-solving skills, an eye for detail and a capacity for continuous learning, even without that piece of paper'

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