Social Eating and Home Restaurants: the excitement of creating your own job

A simple decision to share becomes a very real business opportunity. Peer-to-peer eating' is becoming an increasingly fierce market. Read on to find out how you can become a personal chef and turn your own kitchen into a restaurant

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Sdogati: The sharing economy? Is really sharing or is it economy of poverty”

The professor of Industrial Economics at Milan Polytechnic clarifies the matter: "The point is to understand whether consumption figures are changing or the demand is shrinking. In the second case, countermeasures must be taken"

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Geoff Mulgan: social innovation? It arises from confusion

"I have a rather confused background that perhaps makes me very suitable for these confused times". According to the CEO of Nesta the key to progress is people's happiness but everything starts from chaos

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The secret of the fundraiser of the year? Don’t be jealous of their secrets

Donations by Italians in 2016 have broken through the roof of the 5 billion and it is not only the non-profit organisations that are now banking on fundraising. Here are five tips from Roger Bergonzoli, fundraiser of the year 2017

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Rachel Botsman: The sharing economy? It’s more about trust than technology

According to the author of the bible of collaborative consumption, whom Monocle has defined as one of the 20 most influential speakers worldwide, the sharing revolution mainly concerns human relations

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